Soft Tissue Release Training on DVD's

softtissuerelease DVD Training
Price per Unit - 4 DVD set: $249.00

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Soft Tissue Release DVD Training
The purpose of this training is to enhance the effectiveness of any therapy you are currently using.
The technique demonstrated is based on a little used principle of Swedish Osteopathy, modified and added to, making it an elegant, fast and dynamic approach to healing. If you include STR with any therapy you love and use often, then that combination will work excellently.

DVD #1

The Power of Understanding versus the Force of Manual Therapy
This discussion gives the background to the changes needed to make your therapy more effective. You will learn
1: How it is possible to make changes in your client at a cellular, molecular and even at the sub-atomic levels.
2. The power of words and phrases that create a positive effect in reducing fear, anxiety and hopelessness.
3. The latest research on nociceptive pain, now the focus of pain management.
4. How to pace the nervous systems and reduce the perception of pain.
5. How you can become more than the placebo effect.
6. How the technique works for soft tissue injury.
7. A protocol and discussion of Fibromyalgia and other related pain syndromes.

This understanding is more important than the techniques shown in the other three dvd's.

DVD # 2

How to be Balanced and React Fast in an Unsteady World
This used to be a 'runners injury' presentation but now it is more to do with regaining proprioception. Due to training, cumulative or severe injuries create imbalances in muscle groups and motor firing units. These then manifest themselves as inflammation at the attachments or fascia and are misnamed as bursitis, arthritis or condemned to cortisone injections or surgical intervention – all of which are avoidable. The goal is to regain the ability to react fast and avoid injury. There is a co-relation between old unattended ankle injuries and hip, shoulder and neck pain. I never address low back pain without doing the lower leg protocol. Because the extremities are more mechanical this is where the technique works really well.

DVD # 3
Chronic Low Back Pain and the Role of The Therapist.

In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of clinical studies proving exactly what is responsible for low back pain. It is not what your doctor or even you may believe. There are five questions to ask and depending on the answers there are five muscle groups to release. You will learn the "Two Minute Information Loop" and how to Pace the Nervous System. The use of powerful and positive suggestions are employed creating a change the very next day. Specific home exercises are given to retain the progress obtained in the first session. Although not always attainable, the goal is to reduce pain by 50% in two treatments. This is often accomplished after just one treatment if the client is really motivated and follows advice.

DVD # 4
The Repetitive Stresses of Everyday Life.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be a single treatment if you have a motivated client. Most 'Carpal Tunnel' problems are not in the tunnel, hence the surgical failure rate. You need to know how to quickly release the Pecs and Scalenes. Tennis and Golfers' elbow are considered along with all shoulder problems. Frozen shoulder can sometimes be resolved in one session. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is discussed along with a Rhomboids release. Whiplash Injuries are discussed and all the stretch releases are demonstrated including Levator Scapulae and the SCM's. Self help exercises are demonstrated. If the client is motivated to do their 'homework' then all of these conditions may only need one or two sessions.

This training has all the information of the four day workshop. All that is missing is your practice time. Unlike the workshop you can see the technique being demonstrated over and over again so you can perfect it. A recent study showed that remote or on line learning was more effective in the long run than on-site (workshop) learning.