Guaranteed Income during Tough Times.

Every day we are bombarded by the media about job losses on a massive scale, foreclosures rising by the thousands every day, shaky financial institutions and banks going under, retail and industrial giants closing their doors forever. This doom and gloom is compounded when experts like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump say it will only get worse,
So everyone is starting to cut back and reconsider spending on what are now called luxuries.
This includes their weekly massage. Tough times call for clear and decisive action.
Get ahead of this downward spiral and do something that will guarantee future income.
Become a Pain Specialist. Specialize in chronic low back pain, whiplash injuries, neck and shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel, sports injuries. Learn how to provide relief for all of these above conditions in one to three treatments only.

One thing I've noticed recently, after the first 'interview' and before the actual treatment, the client will nervously ask, "How many treatments do you think this will take". They're worried about how much relief from pain is going to cost.
When I say "Oh, this is not as bad as you thought, it'll probably only take one or two treatments, three at the most", the relief that sweeps over them is wonderful. I've also just done something else. They were filled with fear and anxiety, the handmaidens of pain. In just a few minutes I've confidently assured them that this is not serious and we'll be out of this in no time.
After six weeks pain shifts from the site of injury into the central nervous system (CNS) and the deep centers of the brain (the Limbic system) both of which are listening systems.
What you say by way of short explanations and forward-looking instructions are far more important than any technique you use.

First, you need to know the 'Language of the Brain'.
The explanation you provide that explains their pain, the information you give during the treatment, and the powerful sugestions for rapid healing at the end of the session guarantee a reduction in their perception of pain overnight.

Second, you need a therapy that has fast results. Messages traveling the extremities up the spinal cord to the brain are very fast. Slow acting, painfully tedious therapies are a thing of the past. If you are not getting results after the first ttreatment a 50% reduction in pain by the second or third treatment, then you need to change.

Third, the results have to be permanent or at least long lasting. The secret of two or three treatment successes is in the homework you give the client. They have to be responsible for there own healing powers. They are given very specific tailor made stretches (no stretch lasts more than a second or a second and a half) this is the new technology of stretching.
As long as they do these specific stretches they will never be in pain again, so a lot of time is spent on client education.

When you get the reputation for being able to take people out of pain quickly and for little money, the word spreads like wildfire and you are inundated with new clients.

Case in point: Three weeks ago on a Friday night my niece Amie called, she had met up with an old friend who was in terrible pain and heading for surgery. Could I come down and help her?
I knew Rita many years earlier, she had a failed marriage and also a lovely polite young boy. She was in all over pain in her upper body, hands, locking fingers and thumbs, forearm pain, shoulder and neck pain, very sharp NEC and rhomboid pain. Her doctor over two years had given very strong anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections and now after six months of Physical Therapy seemed to have increased her pain, he suggested surgery. She asked, as the pain was all over where were they going to operate? He then told her she would just have to live with the pain. She has a very high-pressure job with the CVS pharmacy organization and has been doing prescription data entry for 20 years. After asking a few questions, how long had she been in pain, what makes the pain worse or better, I was able to explain that the pain she was in was typical for her long-term profession, it was not serious and that she would be out of this in no time. She physically slumped with relief. As I worked on her fingers and hands she was surprised that I was actually touching her. No one had ever physically touched her, after a few minutes her thumbs and fingers stopped locking out. She was getting excited. Gently working on her for about half an hour I gave her four specific exercises to do. She told me later she was still up at three in the morning with tears of joy that her pain levels had drastically reduced.
I saw her a week later, worked on her again and gave her more stretches.
She has just gone back to her doctor and excitedly told him she is practically pain free after only two treatments. His response: "Please get his business card or get him to call me, I would like to offer him a job" So after only two treatment I was offered a job in a thriving medical practice working alongside doctors. Income Guaranteed.

A Massage Therapist could do more for this chronic pain victim in two treatments than all the doctors and specialists she had seen in two years.   "95% - 98% of all chronic pain is of a Soft Tissue origin". (Deyo and Cherkin '96)
Who in the medical world is trained and can be highly skilled at releasing this soft tissue pain? Not the surgeons, not the doctors or physical therapists, but you, a massage therapist.
You need to elevate this honored profession even more, by becoming a Pain Specialist. Sadly, you will never be out of clients. Income Guaranteed.

Soft Tissue Release is a very gentle technique that involves precise pressure through a specific stretch that is repeated in a harmonious manner. As the developer of this training and after eighteen years working on injury and pain patients exclusively, I am still amazed at how effective the results are in such a short time. Sometimes clients are out of pain so quickly that I am as amazed as they are, or even more! It has been a great gift to me over the years and I'm sure it will be a gift to you. Due to recent changes made through medical research in the field of chronic pain, I have had to change the way I work and develop new skills. That is why I have changed the Workshops and made these new DVD's, to pass on all this new information to you. If you are still working the way you did five years ago, join me and make a change.


Stuart Taws

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